no pay for chief of staff

by jason brown
Chief of Staff at the Office of the Prime Minister Denise Rairi is under attack from multiplie quarters as she juggles head of ministry and disaster relief responsibilities.
Audit officers are said to be looking into her performance at the OPM.
Rairi is also said to be under examination from her time at as a former finance officer at the ministry of Health.
Sources outside government backed up reports from Sunday's Cook Islands Times about the audit investigation.
"What they didn't say was that the chief of staff hasn't been paid because her appointment isn't official," said a business source.
Heads of ministry positions are supposed to be advertised under laws governing the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, as well as the Public Service Commission.
New Public Service Commissioner Joe Caffrey is said to be "refusing to budge" on the payments.
"He's waiting for instructions from cabinet."
Contractors are also complaining about being told they have to "volunteer" for reconstruction projects in Pukapuka.
"She wouldn't even come to the phone," said one contractor.
"I was told there is plenty of money for projects but she's telling people they have to volunteer."