tahiti broadcast news not always fair

French Polynesia’s Upper Council on Audio-Visual broadcasting has ruled for and against claims of bias by two of the territory’s biggest stations.

In a press release, Le Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel said that campaign coverage by RFO and Tahiti Nui Television was fair between 7th January to 4th February 2005 in the lead up to by-elections.

Council members make monthly comment on news coverage and will do so for by-elections held on Sunday 13th February around the same time in April.

Between those dates, Tahiti Press Agency reports that council members said that RFO and Tahiti Nui Television both complied with principles of equity and balance when interviewing politicians.

“On the other hand, in the area of news not related to elections, total speaking time allotted during this time for politicians on TNTV favours the government of French Polynesia,” said CSA members.

Their ruling follows similar comments in February for news from December to January.

CSA members said they were asking the station to “rebalance allocation of speaking time related to non-electoral news as quickly as possible.”