tepaki group dismisses questions as "lazy"

Tepaki Group staff have fobbed off media inquiries describing them as "lazy" and a "timewaster." Rarotonga based Tepaki Group representative William Framhein today said that "Tepaki is in Rarotonga." "I suggest you do your research more thoroughly, so watch out for details in local news papers," he told Avaiki Nius Agency. Questions sent to Tepaki Group in New Zealand were forwarded by staff in Wellington to Framhein in Rarotonga with comments attached. "Timewaster who's too lazy to do his research has questions (see below)," said Wellington staff. "Good for a laugh." Framhein forwarded the head office comments and his own to Avaiki Nius Agency but did not provide any answers. Questions were as follows. 1. Hilton and Hilton world wide websites make no mention of the Cook Islands. Can you give me contact information for people you have been discussing these projects with? 2. How firm is the interest from Hilton? 3. Have you any comments on recent troubles with the Investors Forum? 4. Tepaki Group has been talking about the Vaimaanga and other hotel developments in the Cooks for over a decade now. How many projects has the group actually completed? 5. What do you say to critics that your group is just trying to talk up the project with no money of its own to contribute?


Anonymous said...

First time post. I really cracked up reading your story, emailing questions to New Zealand when the right people to talk to are probably just down the road.

Email journalism is lazy journalism. I know you are just learning, and you clearly have an issue with Tim Tepaki and his Company that is making you sound like a propagandist with an agenda rather than an objective reporter. I admire you having a go, but you need to talk to people to gauge their body-language and tone of voice. Make appointments and interview!

Failing that, do a google search! ;)