speaker to resign, stand in by-election

Speaker of the Parliament of the Cook Islands, Norman George, may be leaving his top job just a few months after getting it.
"One of the MPs for Atiu is going to stand down and Norman is going to stand for his seat," said one government source.
"He wants to be prime minister," said the source.
Upoko Simpson is believed to be the MP said to be standing down.
A loyal George supporter from more than a decade ago, Simpson is past retirement age and considered a parliamentary lightweight.
George fought bitterly for his seat in Atiu, one of two, now held by his successor in the Democratic Party nominations, Eugene Tatuava.
He took over the speaker's job after losing his seat to Tatuava.
George also played a central role in coalition negotiations, putting another long time supporter, Jim Marurai, in as representative for the Demo offshoot, the Demo Tumu.
This grouping is not registered anywhere or have a formal party structure.
If Simpson resigns, a by-election will be called within weeks.
George is more than likely to take advantage of strong support in the seat.
No one has yet commented publicly on behind-the-scenes negotations.
If George does resign, it will the latest twist in a political career highlighted by two eras of coalition government.
Both eras have been marred by widespread and continuous allegations of corruption.
Supporters dismiss criticism against George as jealousy, saying their man is someone who gets things done.


Anonymous said...

Good Old Norman George!