tourism master plan update

tourism master plan update // NEWS photo: should the draft update to the tourism master plan be tossed out? tourism corporation's chris wong says he wants to know. Only four people bothered to respond in writing to the controversial updating of the country's 14-year-old tourism master plan. This worries tourism corporation chief executive Chris Wong. "To date there's only four return responses," he told Monday afternoon's meeting of the chamber of commerce. "It's a worry to me because I don't know if it means it (the plan) is alright or whether everyone wants to toss it out." There is something like 120 recommendations that have come out of this document. So far, said Wong, only four have taken the time to make submissions.

finance questions "substantive"

"The ministry of Finance has provided some substantive comments, questioning a lot of the recommendations, particularly with respect to deadlines, implementation and budgetary implications and the like." But these and other concerns cannot be addressed until tourism leaders respond. "We are not in a position to go forward unless we hear from the industry." Or "unless this particular document is in agreement with what industry views are." Wong said it is understandable there have been delays. "Cyclones distracted us from any particular focus."

only "draft recommendations"

Wong reminded chamber members the plan was still only a draft, one needing further input as a part of the update process. Next step for the draft is "to see whether or not there is full investment in these recommendations. The board have given agreement with these recommendations in principle. They have allowed this draft to go out into the public at large and get their input. Whatever feedback we get we have to take it back to Dr Peter Phillips. Any questions, and concerns and any suggestions and recommendations that you have will be handled by him."

not happening "overnight"

The next step, continued Wong, would be for the final update draft to go to government for budgeting. "It's not something that is going to happen overnight. There have been some very detailed points that have come out."