manuia beach back on track

manuia beach back on track, originally uploaded by avaiki nius.

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paradise again!

island photo photographer william tuiravakai just sent in these photos of

the newly revamped manuia beach.


Tore said...

Wow! I was drawn to this weblog since it was listed as the only blog in Cook Islands. I expected to see something exotic but now I'm almost sorry I had a look. I have always suspected that my life in Norway is colder and grayer than other peoples lives... now I know.

P.S. Your Google adds are a bit buggy on Firefox for Mac. They overlap a good portion of the photo.

Anonymous said...

The blog needs more updates, and more of a pacific theme instead of a bland black background.

The sidebar navigation on the right also needs fixing. I have i.e 6 and it is showing the ads and navigation at the bottom of the page.

Why not more stuff on the Unit Titles Act too?

avaiki said...

kia orana all,

yes, more updates will be great. as a long-time freelancer i still have to pay the bills with old school media. i am in the process of doing about $1,000 worth of freelancing so that i can rent a laptop and set up a high speed connection for the next week or so. that way i will be able to set up a blog network that enables easily-updateable news via email. if you subscribe below you can get a google grops alert the same day i update the site.

that's short term.

short | medium term | i am setting up the site to take donations targeted towards general expenses and specific projects, including improving the blog. income will be donations only with no contracts entered into. all income and expenses will be posted online in interests of total transparency.

medium | term | avaiki news agency becomes the premiere source of headline links to daily news packages about indigenous issues and identity in pacific.

medium | long | term | avaiki becomes a parent company to a global web of identities operating to total transparency.

long | term | founder retires disgracefully.

any and all suggestions towards ending a career of poverty and hardship gratefully accepted!

jason brown


Buzz Macmuff said...

U will get more visitors if you update more often

Anonymous said...

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