second thoughts on the purple book

opinion - editorial By now, readers of Avaiki may be getting the message that it is time for new thinking on political reform. Way over time. It has been seven years since the 1998 Political Review Commission report, in it’s eye-catching purple cover. Desire for political reform stretches back at least a decade before that, with huge dissatisfaction over the country’s first coalition era. Currently ruling again, the formerly innocent Democratic Party campaigned at the 1977 elections – nearly 30 years ago – on successful slogans like “time for change.” Much of that sentiment was re-captured in the 1998 report by one of the Demo founders, Iaveta Short, and sidekicks from the intelligensia, Ron Crocombe and John Herrmann. However, as we will show, there are plenty of good reasons to have second thoughts about that purple-covered report.