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full transcript of email questions and answers Below is the full questions and answers to a sighting by Avaiki Nius Agency of the Prime Minister’s official car being turning into the home of the former Chief of Staff, Eddie Drollett. Convicted of receiving secret commissions, Drollett last week abandoned an appeal to the Privy Council in London after earlier unsuccessful applications to the Court of Appeal. --------------------------------------------------------------- questions sent Saturday 5th November 2005 Jim Marurai Prime Minister Government of the Cook Islands re: use of official car Kia orana Prime Minister, As discussed with your advisor, Trevor Pitt, here are some questions regarding use of your official car with the numberplate "PM". It was seen by myself at just after 8.30pm last Saturday 29th October 2005 being driven into the home of former chief of staff Eddie Drollett. Could you please have a look at the questions below. 1. Can you please confirm whether the car was being used with your authority and by whom? 2. What business has the Office of the Prime Minister with the former chief of staff? 3. What would you say to concerns that use of the official car to visit the home of a convicted criminal may show evidence of corruption in high places? I would welcome the opportunity to discuss answers to these questions with you in an interview or via return email. Meitaki maata, jason -------------------------- jason brown editor avaiki nius agency editor@avaiki.nuavaiki cook islands +682 50055 answers sent Monday 14th November 2005 Jay, since you've asked for a written response about the car, here 'tis. First off, the Prime Minister was returning from overseas that particular night/Sunday morning. In any event, the official car does spend time at the Drollett residence. That's where the PM's official driver lives - or more acurately, rents a little flat. On occasion, the driver is authorised to take the official car home overnight for more thorough cleaning/washing. On the night in question, the driver had retained the official car for airport duties (early Sunday morning). Therefore, the presence of the car at the Drollett residence (at any time) is purely due to the fact that the driver resides in the complex and undertakes duties outside of the normal working hours. This has nothing to do whatsoever with the owner of the property, nor is there any suggestion of some type of link between the Prime Minister himself and Edward Drollett. To assume otherwise would be irresponsible and rather short-sighted. Regards, Trev. ends