pm's silence on drollett question

No response yet from the Prime Minister as to the exact nature of links between his office and its former chief of staff. It is not clear whether questions to Jim Marurai’s email address have actually been seen by the PM or only his senior advisor. Trevor Pitt responded from the prime minister’s email address to earlier questions from Avaiki Nius Agency. He complained about “irresponsible” and “short-sighted” reporting. Neither Pitt nor the PM responded to a follow up question nine days ago as to whether the former chief of staff, Eddie Drollett, has had any communications with the Office of the Prime since being convicted on corruption charges. Questions about the exact nature of contacts between Marurai and Drollett were raised after the official car of the prime minister was seen driving into the home of the former chief of staff on a Saturday night. Responding to agency questions, Pitt said the driver rented an apartment at Drollett’s home.


Buzz Macmuff said...

I would hope that the PM has better things to do (like promoting the interests of the Cook Islands) than respond to and dignify such mischevious innuendo and gossip. Unfortunately, it comes part and parcel from living in a a small community, and is made all the worse when broadcast thru the interenet.

Anonymous said...

Fair Comment Buzz. Do you live on the Rock?