former worker sues tepaki

NEWS Hotel developer Tim Tepaki has suffered an embarrassing setback – being sued for allegedly unpaid wages by a former worker. His former representative on Rarotonga, William Framhein, is making a civil claim against two Tepaki companies and the owner himself. A net figure of $19,324 is claimed, reports daily Cook Islands News. Framhein resigned from the Tepaki group operations earlier this year saying he was taking time to work on other projects. He denied anything was wrong at the time. Now Framhein and a co-worker Iva Eitiare Fairbrass have joined forces to sue Tepaki, Tepaki Investments Ltd and Tepaki Properties Ltd. As well as representing the company, Framhein also publicly supported passage of the Unit Titles Bill being sought by Forum Investments, the foreign company that will handle unit titles for what Tepaki claims will be a multimillion project. Framhein was quoted in yesterday’s newspaper as saying that Unit Titles should be restricted to locals only.


Buzz Macmuff said...

What about the other side of the story? That's what great journalism is all about!

Justice will be done, one way or another

Anonymous said...

It's common for employees to try and claim money from employers when they leave, especially if not done under the best of terms. The amount claimed seems a bit out of this world though! LOL seems like everyone has it in for old man Tepaki!

Anonymous said...

I agree with buzz
Has anyone asked William about his earlier work with Tepaki in Wellington. And how he was alegedly found out to be pilfering goods and whatever else from the company. Of course he was asked to leave the business but then Willy came crawling back begging for another chance. Tepaki has a kind and generous nature and of course took him back. and Willy repays him with this sort of crap. Tepaki has done a lot and given a lot to the Rarotongan people, is this how he is repaid?