education – grade 4 performance

Grade 4 Diagnostic Tests in the three main areas; Maori, English and Mathematics, evaluate academic progress at the primary school level.

As seen in figure 3.2, there was a concerning sharp reduction in the average collective Grade 4 results in the 3 main areas in 2004. In 2005 results increased overall but remain under 50% (considered the minimum passing grade for any test) across the board.

Overall results in English have improved by 3.1% points in comparison to 2004, although there were very slight reductions in Maths and Maori results.

Overall Maori results declined by 0.01% points in comparison to 2004 results. There has been a continual decline in Maori from the Northern Group in the level of results since 2003. This is balanced out by improvements in results from Rarotonga and the Southern Group.

Mathematics results have been declining since levels achieved in 2003 (51.7%, 2003). 2005 results had declined slightly by 0.52% points in comparison to 2004 results. Improvements in mathematic test results were experienced on Rarotonga and the Northern Group, however the Southern Group, which was previously achieving over a 50% averaged result in mathematics, have fallen by 3.8% points to below the pass mark.

English results improved by 3.1% points in 2005 as stated above. Although the outer islands re-main well under the pass rate, significant improvements have been experienced in these regions in 2005. Rarotonga continues to marginally improve and has remained above 50% over the past 6 years.

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