health non communicable disease (NCD)

health - non communicable disease (NCD)

Prevalence of NCDs (Hypertension and Diabetes) reflects the health habits of a population.

Official data show 2004 Total Prevalence of NCD Cases has increased 5% over the year and now makes up 20.3% of the total resident population (using official data).
Note that much of the increase in NCD cases originate from the outer islands. Most outer islands economies have limited development opportunities and are heavily reliant on public sector sup-port. Whereas, Rarotonga is the centre of the economy and reaps most benefits from private sec-tor development. There is a large outward migration of the working age group in the outer islands to Rarotonga or further overseas causing an aging population prone to NCDs and thus the outer islands make up 52% of total Hypertension & Diabetes cases for the Cook Islands.

The number of NCD cases is growing more slowly on Rarotonga. This may be because of the benefits of an improved economy providing awareness of more healthy lifestyles and more afford-able access to healthy foods.

By contrast, the outer islands see a continual increasing trend in NCD cases as expected with an aging population.

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