import levy cuts: long term suggestions

Long term suggestions

As previously suggested to parliament, government needs to separate itself from the process of reform.

It is a clear conflict of interest for government to draft new policy and then set parameters of consultation on new policy as well as decide what feedback, if any, should be reflected in changes to draft policy.

It is also suggested here that Government could establish:

> a Permanent Commission of Reform or Good Governance Commission that develops policy initiatives like import levy reforms as well as referendum based initiatives, examining them for impact on the public, while providing independent and simple language advice to the public,

> a new statutorily recognised National Development Council as the most effective means of sustainable consultation on this and all future policy and significant fiscal matters,

> new laws recognising the role of such bodies in the proper due process of drafting new laws and changes to existing laws.

> new laws empowering the head of state to move beyond purely ceremonial functions and allow new laws and changes to laws to be deferred or rejected where they do no follow proper due process as outlined above.

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