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pigg pen is obviously a play on words, pointing to the need for writers to get down and dirty when it comes to exposing corrupt bastards. Or, in more donor correct language, a judicial journalistic partnership to support, promote and pursue investigation of crime by and against media workers.

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AWPA said...

RE: Pacific Island Forum Communique

The Australia West Papua Association-WA is surprised and disappointed that the
THIRTY-SEVENTH PACIFIC ISLANDS FORUM supports the continuing colonisation
of West Papua by Indonesia through the 2001 Special Autonomy Law.

A West Papuan majority rejected the Indonesian autonomy policy during a peaceful mass
demonstration as recently as August 12, 2005. The Indonesian government did not take
into account the desires and needs of the West Papuans when drafting the Law, nor has it
implemented its own proposals for the improvement of the West Papuan's living standards.

It is also regrettable that the Forum's concern about reports of violence seems not to make
the connection between violence and the continuing colonial exploitation of West Papua
by various corporations and the Indonesian army who are the instigators of continuing
human rights abuses and supression of the West Papuan people.

It is positive that the Forum urges the Indonesian authorities to bring to justice the perpetrators
of serious crimes in West Papua, but the failure of the first test case in the new Human Rights
Court in Makassar to bring those responsible to justice would suggest a more fundamental
approach to Indonesia is needed.

The recent national gathering of the Australian Coalition of West Papua Support Groups called
on the Pacific Island Forum to seek support from the Indonesian Government for a Forum fact
finding mission ; and to assist in creating a framework for ongoing dialogue between the
West Papua leadership and the Indonesia government.

Neil Sullivan
+61 8 93281970