"secrecy is the enemy of justice"

MEDIA New Zealand's largest daily has criticised "quiet acceptance" of closed courtrooms in the so-called terrorism cases still going through the justice system. "One of the troubling aspects of the so-called 'terror' arrests - and criticism of them - that have dominated the news over the past fortnight is the quiet acceptance of closed courtrooms in one centre," reads an editorial this week from the New Zealand Herald. Criticised in the past for being a voice of New Zealand conservatives, the New Zealand Herald retains an ability to surprise, including another editorial entitled, "Peters plays the fear card again" - an insight into comments from Foreign Affairs minister Winston Peters who accuses some Maori of promoting "apartheid." MORE: Editorial: Secrecy is the enemy of justice - 29 Oct 2007 - Opinion, Editorial and reader comments from New Zealand and around the World - nzherald