new zealand herald poster monday 12 november 2007
An arresting sight at 2am on a Tuesday morning. "Gagged" in reverse red, subtly crimson or lurid r-e-d depending on what part of the print run your area gets.
"Your rights under threat," read the rest of two colour poster from Monday morning's New Zealand Herald, dated 12th November 2007.
Twenty four hours later, applying extreme fair-use principles in real-world, real-time conditions, I extracted the above poster from its yellow wire cage, and folded it very carefully to put in my tvnz bag.
Wandering away, I sensationalised various scenarios.
Eventually, sometime in the next 24 hours, I came up with some dizzy notion about the newspaper's lords and masters, warning those goofy political poodles off from gambolling too close to their great steaming piles of capitalism.
Fanciful, true.
Some of the finest minds in journalism gather tonight, however, finer minds than mine, to be sure.
As they ponder the size of various corporate beasties lurking daintily in yon thur concrete jungle, aye, the poster from the New Zealand Herald will no doubt flit through a rear lobe or two.
Heck, they might even talk about it.