sliced, diced and iced - pacific islands diplomacy

NEWS VIEWS Sliced, diced and put on diplomatic ice - that's the view from Z magazine writer Andre Vltchek in an article titled The New Pacific Wall: The U.S., Australia, and New Zealand Isolate and Divide Small Insular Nations. His conclusion: "There is an acute need for Pacific island nations to create a strong and united bloc able to negotiate with the rest of the world with one voice. Only such a bloc could effectively address economic, social, transportation, educational, and political problems confronting the entire region. "Such a regional approach appears to be exactly what the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand find contrary to their geopolitical interests. But Pacific Islanders have no choice but to look to regional solutions or continue in a dependent and humiliating position. Rather than seeking more aid, their best prospect lies in constructing their own common regional home."