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Pacific Journalism Review Good governance efforts funded by Australia and New Zealand often refer to the 'vital' role played by the media in stable democracy. The reality? "Just 78 speeches out of more than 180,000" in the parliament of Australia referred to "freedoms of the press" or freedoms of speech, according to a study reported in the latest issue of the Pacific Journalism Review. -----------------------------


elisabeth said...

A late reaction to your information about TI. Allow me to draw your attention to my analysis of ten years of CPI which is alarming as the methodology is faulty in many ways and the results do not reflect quality and quantity of corruption in the world, see re. Ten Years of CPI

avaiki nius agency said...

Perhaps, it does. However there is no evidence of what "Elisabeth" promises - just a bunch of stuff in German or some such, see:

There is an English language story down the bottom of the page about Transparency International, but just the usual, unquestioning promotion, and some confusing linkage, nothing like "elisabeth" claims.

Interesting to note that her identity was created same day as her comment, with no further links. Avaiki comment rating: 2 out of 5.