google hijacked by linguistic terrorism

why is google calling the finance minister of a remote island territory a "terrorist" ?
Terrorism – it strikes when and where least expected. Among the latest victims - French Polynesia Finance minister Antony Géros - labelled a terrorist financier by no less an authority than Google. A routine translation of a story from the territory’s news agency, Tahiti Presse, saw the phrase “grand argentier” – a finance minister or official – translate as “terrorist financier.”
Google returns similar translations for other websites, including leading French info website, The results adds to doubts about the French language part of Google translation services, previously noted for seemingly downplaying words associated with controversy. And for generally being inaccurate, to the point of unusability. HIJACKED
A new feature, allowing users to suggest better translations, appears to have been hijacked, perhaps by opponents of the pro-independence politician – perhaps by critics of global finance. Supporters of the free translation service say that Google is still the most accurate online, and that valuable results can be gained from careful comparison of versions.
Other new features allow users to enter doubtful words into a kind of translation-based search engine, seeking out pages using the words in a range of contexts, assisting accurate results.
The new services give a third dimension to Google translation, previously limited to one page.
Before, users had to seek out a carbon based dictionary or other online services for alternative meanings to mistranslated words.
Now Google Translation Tools have no less than four different access points, including gadgets for websites, providing what might be referred to as a 3D approach to other languages.


mikeyfreedom said...

I often use babel fish on Altavista, though since i do not know french or how to translate it myself i am subject to any errors, not being able to always see the forest for the trees!