rich states ‘failure’ on corruption

NEWS Birthplace of parliamentary democracy, the United Kingdom, has been singled out by anti-corruption group Transparency International for failing to charge one, single business with bribery.

"Japan and Canada have both brought only one minor prosecution each for bribery under an OECD convention while the UK has not prosecuted anyone, according to the report. That compares with 103 cases, some of which have resulted in 'severe penalties', brought by the US."
Criticised here for failing to answer questions over its country reports, Transparency International is slowly dialing up criticism on first world corruption, this time just before the influential G8 summit of the top eight economies, in Toyako, Japan. This year's transparency theme is corruption in global water management, building on the 2007 theme of climate change. LINKS G8 under fire for ‘failure’ to tackle bribery TI Global Corruption Report 2008: Corruption in the water sector Digg this story avaiki nius agency stories on transparency international ...