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about avaiki nius agency

Avaiki Nius Agency is an advocate for media centrality, evolving out of a quarter century of islands journalism.

Historically, Avaiki refers to heritage across Polynesia, drawing inspiration from traditional freedom, transparency and accountability. Avaiki is used mostly in the Cook Islands, where this agency was founded in 1999, going online in 2004.

Echoes of Avaiki link islands across the world's largest ocean, starting with Havaiki in Tonga, Hawaiki of Aotearoa, Hawaii in Hawai'i, Havai'i being the ancient name of Raiatea in French Polynesia and Rapa Nui, and, originally, an ancestral Savai'i in Samoa. Nius is wantok for news, the central focus of agency advocacy, alluding also to ancestral missionary day links with Melanesia.

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