storm warning in new ice melt figures

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Scientists meet this week in Copenhagen to discuss rapidly worsening timeframes surrounding global warming, ahead of a crunch-time conference in December about sea level rise amid other concerns.

Other effects of global warming will also worsen the mayhem that lies ahead: in particular, the increase in major storms. "When we talk about the dangers of future sea-level rises, we are not talking about a problem akin to pouring water into a bath," added Dr Colin Brown, director of engineering at the Institution of Mechanical Engineering. "Climate-change research shows there will be significant increases in storms as global temperatures rise. These will produce more intense gales and hurricanes and these, in turn, will produce massive storm surges as they pass over the sea," reports Guardian newspaper.
Alarm is growing over the fact that sea ice melt is causing land ice to lose stability and collapse into the oceans as well.

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