pacific veteran gives thumbs up to fiji media council review

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Veteran Pacific reporter David Robie has given a thumbs up to an independent review of the Fiji Media Council, saying it deserves a chance to get "its house in order."

As Robie notes at Cafe Pacific:

"Among other recommendations, the review panel called for a 'working journalist' to be a representative on a restructured, more streamlined council, The panel also noted in a section about training that the council 'might well play a part in improving work conditions – and thereby standards'.

"So what now of the media law “promulgation” long promised- threatened by the government? Hopefully, it will be tossed into the regime’s waste bin. Give the Fiji Media Council a chance to get its house in order."

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An Americanism aside, Robie's analysis suggests strongly that here is a media report deserving a thumbs up, not a rubbishing. Agreed, because conclusions are encouragingly simple and even handed. Deep breaths are needed on both sides, media and regime, for progress to be made. If that sounds wishy washy then let this be said: In zeroing in on "work conditions" the review nails the problem at the heart of contemporary journalism - it's shit pay. That way corruption lies.