maori tv rejects Panthers request

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A movie collective for the Polynesian Panthers say they are disappointed their request for help has been rejected by Maori Television.

They asked for a community panui to go with a documentary about them but were turned down, by acting CEO Sonya Haggie.

A movie collective spokesman, Panther6, does not want to be named at this stage, says Maori Television is collecting on advertising worth more than $10,000.

But he says the station told them they would have to pay $3,000, for a 30 second community ad.

A collective, the Panther movie spokesman says they are encouraged by the documentary screening this Saturday, but discouraged by the response to their request for koha.

Maori Television needs to show less deference towards pakeha corporate values ... says the spokesman, using his original Panther tag number ... and more respect for those who fought for freedoms they enjoy today.


Maori and island "partners" of the Polynesian Panthers were frontline through the seventies Dawn Raids, Bastion Point and as part of the the Patu Squad, a response to new riot squad tactics during the 1981 Springbok tour. Some were jailed, others injured.


"POLYNESIAN PANTHERS (NZ DOCUMENTARY) – Saturday September 4 at 8.30PM

Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island and Maori rangatahi in the 1960s formed the Polynesian Panthers, modelling themselves on the American Black Panther Party, and focusing on the issues facing Maori and Pacific peoples in New Zealand, such as unequal pay and inadequate access to housing. Presenter Nevak Ilolahia (Rongowhakaata, Tonga) traces her family's involvement in the Polynesian Panthers and explores its place within the broader international Panther movement."


Polynesian Panthers Documentary | Facebook
Polynesian Panthers Movie | Waiata Trust



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Tanakwagu said...

hi, you have good article. i know little about Maori is an original people in new zeland

Anonymous said...

Nearly 5 years on and NZ Film Commission has still refused to fully fund a second film feature proposal on the polynesian panthers.
Maybe its not meant to be?????